The Angryman Cartoon characters so far.

Going back through many sketchbooks and loose pages of Angryman Cartoons over the years, I decided to compile a “group photo” of the characters I saw. I’m sure I’ve missed a few; I’ve been drawing these since 2007, and I just couldn’t get them all in. However, here you go:

group of characters

Angryman is easy enough to spot. Can you figure out who the following are?

  1. Floor Pig
  2. Steve Punchme
  3. Deus Ex Machina
  4. Ruth
  5. Nervous Dog
  6. Huckster
  7. Slick
  8. Anonymous/Anonymous Crowd
  9. Fan Belt
  10. Vengeful Bus Driver
  11. Betty
  12. Norma
  13. Der Head Honcho
  14. Mr. Gums
  15. Norm
  16. Database Guy
  17. Over Reacter

Not shown:

  • Bossman Toady
  • Der Custodian

If you think you can get the names of the characters correct, here’s a black and white version of the drawing, with numbers. Tweet @AngrymanCartoon if you know the answers. If you have suggestions for those not named, tweet @AngrymanCartoon.

angryman cartoon characters